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New Grailum wallet Windows 32bit.

After receiving many request we have created a Window 32 bit for Grailum wallet.

Grailum wallet are now available on our download page supporting the following systems.

  • Windows 32 / 64 bit
  • Mac OS
  • Linux 64 bit


Program login fix

A program error on the website login sending wrong email PIN was found a few days ago. This error has been corrected and login works again normal.


Ticket overload

Our resent campaign Airdrop promotion are putting a pressure on the support portal with a 100 new signups per hour on peak times the response halt behind. We try follow up fast possible to all request and kindly ask for your patience and understanding.


Best regards,
Grailum Limited


Grailum API are completed build and we celebrate this for the next 30 days by offering a Free 250 GXM Airdrop bonus to your BootTrader account.

For those who already have GXM balance you can now also use your GXM balance for normal BootTrader deposit. Moreover GXM have instant cashout same as Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfectmoney.



  • You are a member of one of our sites.
  • You already have a Grailum wallet.
  • You love fast coin transactions.



  1. 1. Register a member account at or
  2. 2. Install the Grailum wallet on your computer
  3. 3. Login to your BootTrader account and setup your new Grailum address in your profile.
  4. 4. Open a ticket to request your Free Airdrop BootTrader plan.


This offer ends on 15th. of January 2019



All the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year

Best regards,
Grailum Limited

A Christmas present just for you.

We are ready on the next step getting more people involved and start using Grailum coin by build up a wider community.

You can now get a 100GXM Christmas Bonus AirDrop sent directly to your Grailum wallet.

How to get my free Airdrop?

Install and run a full node Grailum wallet on your computer Windows/Mac 64bit or on your Linux server. We will send you 100GXM when you provide us your personal private Grailum address.

Just follow the steps below

  • 1. Download and install last wallet version. Instructions and guideline are available
  • 2. Register a private account on our page
  • 3. Open a ticket and send us your new account ID together with your Grailum wallet address Gxxxxx.....

NOTE: Transfer of GXM to you will be done within a few weeks from you submit the ticket so we recommend you keep your wallet active most time possible.

To view full promotion details please visit


All the best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year

Best regards,
Grailum Limited
John Morrell Chris Davis Matt Samson

We have updated our terms for those of you who got stuck in the dropping coin marked price and are no longer able to sustain the minimum required balance of equality to $50 USD.

This solution will provide a option to either help you continue or return your initial coin deposit including earning balance in full.

For more details please visit our support forum here.

Best regards,

Grailum Limited
Grailum Lab Limited


1st. of November 2018 exactly on Bitcoins 10 years anniversary our Grailum Blochchain was born and now alive.

This is probably the most exiting update you will ever receive from Grailum Limited. So much has been accomplice and we have so many updates to give you right now.

Not to float you with information we will try list and inform each part short, then provide link to the full details.

GRAILUM LAB LIMITED are now official open and operate from as the main website.

Grailum Lab Limited is managed and owned by William Smith,UK, and serve the purpose of manage the development team and development of Grailum Core and the coming Grailum Lightning Network node.

Grailum Lab Limited are responsible for all our software and applications available for download right now.

Software available:

Grailum Core v1.1.0 available for Linux / Mac OS/ Windows10 (64 bit)

ckPool 64 bit Linux

cpuminer v.2.5.0 available for Linux / Mac OS / Windows10 (32bit and 64 bit)

ccminer v.2.3.0 Windows binary
ccminer v.2.4.0 tpruvot on Mac OS

Grailum Lab Limited is also responsible for our source code now available here on GitHub open-source.
Any contribution you might add to our code is very welcome.

More over Grailum Lab are responsible for the following new website services and its development and operation.

The mining pool is a free to use for all with no fee structure and allow you to share your cpu/gpu resources to the pool for mining. The site provide both GPU and CPU mining Software to your free disposal.

The blockchain explorer will let you look up any block, hash, address and transaction directly from the Grailum Blockchain. A useful tool for any who now use the Grailum Wallet and GXM coin for payments.

We expect more details to come before end of this month and will soon be promoting GXM AIRDROP on in connection to the GXM coin sale. More over we will soon be offerering a coin bonus for those who help our Grailum blockchain by running either the Grailum Wallet and/or mining from home.

Grailum Mining has begun and you can already now start earn your own coin rewards.

The following services except are all unchanged and all sites still operate under the company GRAILUM LIMITED with same ownership as John Morrell, Chris Davis and Matt Samson.

Will still be the sale site of GXM coin and will also become a full operating GXM wallet to send and receive GXM instantly to other GXM addresses for private as a online Grailum wallet.
For those members who already bought Grailum GXM, can now install your own wallet on your pc to hold your balance. Transfer request are open for query starting next month (December) if you provide us your personal Grailum address.

Remain unchanged in its operation and has become quiet popular as a coin booster.

Remain unchanged in its operation.

Remain unchanged in its operation.

Best regards,

Grailum Limited
Grailum Lab Limited

Our Site and services

A bit ahead of sheldule we have now completed integrated new language to and is now supporting 6 language as:
English, Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian,Spanish

We trust the translated are correct but if you find error in translation text or display please drop us a ticket to correct this on

We hope the new language will be helpful for all and let us reach out to more people.

Best regards,
Grailum Limited
John Morrell Chris Davis Matt Samson

We have now completed a comprehensive upgrade from our Beta version on and to a full running final version.

Beside updates of code itself we have replaced all text with translation code and only waiting translators to return translated database in following language for start.
Arabic, Chinese, German, Russian,Spanish

We expect a delivery time 2-3 weeks for all of them.

You will also find a Roadmap with the full project details for next one year ahead on

Beside the code updated for token sale we have now included full details on the Grailum GXM on the site including full roadmap plus a more detailed Faq covering the last vital parts on our coin.

If there are still some areas you find uncovered please reach out to us on

Best regards,
Grailum Limited
John Morrell Chris Davis Matt Samson

We have finally received our EV SSL certificates to all 4 website services and all has been installed to ensure your security is top notch.

Within a week we expect to finish a comprehensive update of our website information on including details on Grailum coin, the code behind, what to expect and a roadmap for every step taken and to be done.

You will also receive a public statement sent out on all related news channels concerning the future structure of the company organization, details on the new created company GRAILUM LAB LIMITED and introduction of appointed CEO for GRAILUM LAB LIMITED.

Please keep in mind that we are 3 tech geeks running this project and many times it can take overhand complicate thing more than necessary on functionality. So if you have any comment or good ideas to improve we are all open ears.

Best regards,
Grailum Limited
John Morrell Chris Davis Matt Samson


    Automated coin trading and 100% cashback after 365 days

    Limited coin offer 20 cents per coin

    Support 40 coins pair to exchange

    Got any sleeping coins? Coin storage with 4.7% Annual Interest

Dear visitors and members,

We are officially started online and all functions are showing green and up running on all 4 domains.

Remember you need only one registration to login on all our sites.

Any feedback is valid to us so if you find something is missing or should be different please drop us a line on the email box right/below or visit our support portal to send us a message

Advertising campaigns has been setup starting from today on all famous cryptocurrency services notable and will be running continually.
All team are existed as I hope you as well.


Best regards,

John Morrell

All coders are working clock around for the final adjustments to official opening expected within a few weeks.

We are very exsited and all pleased with the results created so far, and when we finnally open the doors I am sure you will be same pleased as us. 

Also want to thanks to all users who registered ahead time waiting for the final opening.
Thank you for be patience and waiting. 

Best regards,